She Freaked While I Texted Another Woman. What Do I Need To Do?

Reader Question:

I met this wonderful woman. We dropped crazy and circumstances were great. In the course of time she along with her daughter relocated in with me and my son.

I texted an other woman who was just a platonic friend. Whenever she watched we texted an other woman, she freaked-out. She stayed in my back bedroom for an entire week and would not allow me to speak to the girl.

She subsequently fell the “Why don’t we just be pals” bomb on me personally. She nonetheless life beside me and I’m actually a lot crazy about the lady.

Just what can I carry out?

-James (Ca)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

Dear James,

I have to be honest. You moved too quickly and uprooted the physical lives of two innocent young children.

Now you discovered your brand new love has actually truly bad conflict quality skills, if you don’t a personality disorder. Stonewalling may be the single most useful predictor of breakup.

My guidance: individual and look for household guidance to suit your son therefore. Incase your own sweetheart wishes even a relationship along with you, you will need to insist she look for counseling along with you to learn some healthier interaction styles.

That is exclusive chance to model some healthier habits to suit your children. Becoming a doormat to this girl don’t entice her really love back. Grow a backbone and place the children’ requirements initial.

If she does not admire that, after that she does not deserve your own really love.

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